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How To Use Kapton Tape

How To Use Kapton Tape

how to use kapton tape? Its mostly applied for the motor insulation, gold finger protection of PCB during wave soldering etc.

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How To Use Kapton Tape

Kapton tape is made by coating silicone or acrylic glue on polyimide  Its mostly applied for the motor insulation, gold finger protection of PCB during wave soldering etc. Without any residue after the tape is removed from the gold finger. we can cut any size according to customer's request.

How to use kapton tape Products Features: 

1.Polyimide tape using PI film or Kapton film as substrate,

2.With Acrylic Adhesive of high performance or silicone adhesive coated on one side. 

3.Function well in High temperature, insulation, high tensile strength,no glue residue.

4.Acrylic adhesive has good corrosion resistance

5.Adhesive thickness  25um~55um Silicone

6.PI film/ Kapton film 25um~50um

How to use kapton tape as Follow:

1. Use kapton tape in 3D printer:

how to use kapton tape

2. Use kapton tape in Battery Packing:

how to use kapton tape

 3. Use kapton tape in PCB masking:

how to use kapton tape

how to use kapton tape Technical data:

Backing material: polyimide

Adheisve glue: silicone

Length: 33m

I Insulating Resistance(MQ): >106 MQ

Backing Thickness: 0.025mm

Peel Strength(N/25mm): 6 N/25MM

Strip Strength: ≥300N/M

Tensile Strength(N/25mm): 110 N/25MM

Extending Rate(%): 55%

Resist Voltage(KV): 7KV

Fire-retardant(class): 94v-0 class

Resist solvents: Excellent

Insulating Grade: H

Total Thickness: 0.055-0.060MM

Resist Temperature: 200℃/lh

Maximum Temperature: 280℃/10min

1. Are you a manufacturer or trader?

We are manufacturer in researching and producing ESD & high temp resistant tape.


2. Can I get a sample?

Yes, we can send you sample by free within 3 working days, you just only pay the freight.


3. What is the delivery time?

Normally within 3 working days for sample, 7-10 days for mass production.


4. What’s the size of tape you can supply?

Size can be customized for you from 0.06mm to 0.11mm.


5. What should I know for quotation?

You just provide material, thickness and quantity, we'll give you specific quotation.

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